by Matthew Worwood

Published: 6 years ago

Connecticut Student Film Festival Celebrates Five-Years

The Center for 21st Century Skills is a proud producer of the Connecticut Student Film Festival. This event has been one of my main roles at EDUCATION CONNECTION and something I greatly enjoy. This year we received a record number of submissions (approximately 130-140 digital media projects) and celebrated our fifth anniversary.

I think one of the greatest successes to the CTSFF has been the open challenges, which include the 84 Hour Film Challenge, the Phoneography Challenge, and the 90-SECOND Film Challenge (biggest hit this year). These three categories produce animations, stop motion projects, images captured and edited with a mobile device and the production of a film in only 84 hours.

I’ve been blown away by some of the submissions and what’s even more satisfying is for two years in a row creativity or problem-solving has been listed as the number one skill students felt they developed as participants in one of the challenges above. This is particularly rewarding given the value we place in cultivating creative thinking skills as we develop the projects.

This year we were very lucky to have two award-winning filmmakers interviewed on Fox and Baldwin Media produce an amazing highlight video that I’ve shared below. For more information about the Connecticut Student Film Festival please visit our Facebook page or visit

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