by Matthew Worwood

Published: 5 years ago

Creativity in Education: Exploring the Imbalance

Creativity in Education_Going Beyond Expectations_2013About three years ago I established this blog as part of a class at the International Center for Studies in Creativity. Since then it has provided me with an opportunity to share my thoughts/resources/experiences related to the field of creativity and digital media in education.
Approximately, 2 years ago I started a documentary as part of my final project for a Masters in Education Studies with a specialism in creativity. The film has been called, Creativity in Education: Going Beyond Expectations, Creativity and Education: The Missing Link, Creativity and Education: Exploring Today’s Disconnect and now Creativity in Education: Exploring the Imbalance.
Inspired by the Newsweek article ‘The Creativity Crisis”, the film explores a suggested disconnect between promoting creativity, while needing to teach the content measured on the test. Through interviews with educators and creativity scholars the story examines the changes made to education policy since the launch of Sputnik and its impact to the teaching and nurturing of creativity in school.

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